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Weekly Weird: Flight Attendants Fight!


Here’s a story of unprofessionalism at it’s finest—two flight attendants were kicked off an American Eagle flight after getting in a fight, reports NBC News. One flight attendant allegedly refused to work with the other for the hour-long trip from New York to D.C., and the argument escalated to the point where the cockpit crew kicked them both off the plane. The flight was then delayed for about 4.5 hours until a replacement cabin crew could be found.

In other news, we’re a little concerned that the pilot seemed to be the last to know when his plane was reported to have a hijacker on it. NBC News notes that a fake threat was called in on two flights that were about to land at JFK airport. The planes were redirected to an isolated area to be searched by law enforcement, but no one told the pilot of the American Airlines’ flight. Thus, he was pretty shocked when his plane was surrounded by emergency vehicles. Luckily, after the planes were searched, the threats were found to be false.

And finally, if you needed yet another reason not to fly Ryanair, the European budget airline was accused of flying with not enough fuel onboard in an effort to save money. The Telegraph reports that Ryanair will be investigated following a series of emergency landings due to flights reaching their minimum legal level of fuel. IALPA, the Irish pilot’s union, is also accusing the airline of pressuring pilots to fly with less fuel, as well as to make decisions based on cost rather than safety.

Did you see anything weird on your travels this week? Tell us in the comments!

(Photo: Welcoming Air Hostesses via Shutterstock)

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