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Virgin America Offers Free Wi-Fi for the Holidays


Thank you, Sir Richard Santa Claus Branson!

From November 10 through January 15, Virgin America passengers can use the airline’s in-flight Wi-Fi service free of charge. Wi-Fi on Virgin America regularly goes for between $5.95 and $12.95, depending on the length of your flight and the device you’re using.

This is a pretty nice perk for travelers flying around the holidays, and should entice more people to try in-flight wireless. Virgin America is no doubt hoping to hook some new customers, particularly those who travel often for business. In my opinion, Wi-Fi is one perk that is actually worth purchasing, so Virgin America’s deal could prove lucrative in the long run.

Readers, if all else was equal, would you choose Virgin America over another carrier just to get the free Wi-Fi?

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