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Vegas Traffic Plummets, Major Discounts Likely


Considering the economic climate we’re all dealing with, it’s no surprise that Las Vegas, which subsists almost entirely on the disposable income of its visitors (and their willingness to part with it), is suffering a huge drop in tourism. In 2008, [[Las Vegas McCarran Airport – LAS | McCarran Airport]] saw a 7.7 percent decline in traffic year-over-year, the single largest drop percentage-wise since 1981. To make matters worse, 2008 finished off with a 14.1 percent plunge, indicating things are getting worse for Sin City.

In all likelihood, this means deals will start popping up faster than you can say “Wayne Newton,” as tourist-deprived hotels and casinos try to lure people back to Vegas. Chances are prospective visitors will find big discounts on rooms and upgrades, and, as we’ve already noted, airfare deals may be plentiful as well.

But in a recession, Vegas is a tough sell for obvious reasons. So will enticing deals be enough to reverse the trend? I’d love to hear what you think, so leave a comment below with your thoughts. Would you travel to Vegas this year if the deal was good enough? Or will Vegas simply have to weather the storm as Americans lock up their wallets?

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