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US Airways Matches United, Continental, Delta Bag Fee Hikes


US Airways has matched the recent bag fee hikes from United, Continental, and Delta. US Airways will now charge $23 online and $25 at the airport for the first bag, and $32 online and $35 at the airport for the second bag. The fee affects all tickets purchased on or after January 18, for travel on or after February 1.

This isn’t as drastic an increase as it was for the other carriers involved in the hike. US Airways previously charged $20/$25 and $30/$35 for the first and second bags, respectively, meaning the online fees will only go up a few bucks while the airport fees won’t go up at all. The other carriers’ hikes, in some cases, were as much as $8.

Still, this leaves American as the only remaining legacy line yet to hike its fees. American currently charges $20 for the first bag and $30 for the second, with no online discount.

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