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United States of America – What to Pack – Clothing and Supplies Tips


United States of America What to Pack 

What you’ll want to pack depends where you’re headed. The arid, warm southwest is a different place than the snowy, icy Northeast.

The Northeast 

Home to NYC and Boston, it’s hot and humid in the summer and snows a lot in the winter. Pack a thick jacket when you’re tramping through the Maine woods or exploring Niagara Falls. New York City is a walking city so bring comfortable walking shoes.

The Southeast 

This is where you’ll find Florida and Washington, D.C. It never gets very cold even during the winter months. Take a bathing suit for the beaches. A light jacket is all you’ll need during the winter months even at night. Bring maps for any major city on your agenda and a good pair of sunglasses as the sun can be intense.

The Northwest

The lush forest of the northwest are constantly getting hit with streams of misty rains. If Seattle is on your list, bring rain gear and at least two good umbrellas. It’s not a constant, heavy rain but it is a perpetual drip all day long. Keep wipes so you can wipe the mud off your shoes.

The Southwest 

Much of the southwest is dry and hot. Be prepared with sunscreen and good shoes when you’re on the pavements in Phoenix. Water is a must all the time in this climate so keep cold drinks in your backpack to avoid possible dehydration.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about what to pack when coming to the United States. 

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