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United Sends Dog to Wrong Country


United mistakenly sent a Phoenix-bound pup across the pond. And his family was not amused.

Hendrix the English springer spaniel was supposed to fly in the cargo hold of a United plane bound for Phoenix. The dog’s owner, Edith Lombardo-Albach, and her family were moving to Arizona. But six-year-old Hendrix was put on the wrong plane—and shipped several thousand miles overseas. According to a report from ABC News, Albach learned that her dog would not meet her in Phoenix just a few minutes before her plane landed. Hendrix had gone to Ireland.

Albach told ABC, “I almost fainted. My husband and my daughter were already at the airport waiting for the dog.”

This story has a happy ending, sort of. After Hendrix’s grand international adventure, the airline sent him back to his family in the States. Hendrix made it home safely and without incident. Finally, United apologized to Albach and gave her a full refund.

However, the dog appears traumatized by the mishap. Albach said she had trouble getting Hendrix into his crate after the ordeal, which is “just not like him.”

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(Photo: English Springer Spaniel via Shutterstock)

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