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United Offers Door-to-Door Bag Shipping for $25


United has put its Door-to-Door Baggage service on sale for $25 per bag, a pretty steep discount from the usual $149. The offer is only available for a limited time, and it’s not immediately clear when that limited time runs out. (Update: The offer is valid through tomorrow, March 19.)

To access the deal, click here.

United’s checked bag fees are $23 if you pay online and $25 at the airport for the first bag, and $32/$35 for the second bag. This means the limited-time price is a wash on the first bag, and actually saves money for travelers with two bags. And, of course, there’s the benefit of not having to haul your bags to the airport, or from the airport, and not worrying about the airline losing your luggage.

Bottom line, if you’re traveling with United, definitely give this deal a look.

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