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U.S. and Australia to talk open skies


If you’ve looked for a nonstop flight between the U.S. and Australia lately, you know the options are limited to two carriers: Qantas and United. But that may all change soon, according to a new Reuters article.

The U.S. and Australia have agreed to start formal talks about opening up the trans-Pacific route between the two countries. That could mean more flights from U.S-. and Australia-based carriers, as well as new service from airlines based elsewhere.

As competition gets fiercer on short-haul routes, more airlines are looking to longer routes to make their money, so you can bet there will be a lot of industry interest if this market opens up.

For travelers, more routes mean more choices and competition for their dollars. But with oil prices skyrocketing, it may not mean a dramatic drop in the average airfare.

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