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TSA Detains Sick Kid in Wheelchair


In yet another stunning case of the TSA’s amazing judgement, a 12-year old girl was detained for almost an hour at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, reports Fox News.

Shelbi Walser was reportedly traveling to Florida for treatment for her genetic bone disorder, when the TSA detained her at a security checkpoint. Walser had her hands swabbed for explosive residue, and tested positive, so the TSA agents held her in the screening area for close to an hour.

Walser’s mother, Tammy Daniels, said that the TSA agents kept her away from her crying daughter while they called in a bomb specialist. After almost an hour or being detained, the TSA let the family go. Daniels said that the TSA didn’t offer any explanation for the ordeal.

If you’d like to be depressed for the day, you can watch a video that Daniels took of her sobbing daughter sitting in a wheelchair at the airport here.

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(Photo: Girl on Wheelchair via Shutterstock)

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