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Traveling Solo


Author: Lorraine Mercer
Date of Trip: February 2009

Every time I plan a cruise, I am asked by someone, “WHO IS GOING WITH YOU?” When I answer, “NO ONE, I”m going alone”. Eyes pop open and it’s either “Aren’t you afraid to go alone” or “What fun can you have going alone”.

My answer to both questions is:

How can you be afraid to travel alone when you are on a ship and meet and know so many people.

When traveling alone you invariably have several invitations to accompany some one, couples, or even join groups. You can accept or politely decline with no further explanation.

You have a room to yourself to come and go as you please, and sleep when you want to.

You don’t have to plan with someone when tours are offered. Each has his/her own interests. If you decide to go on separate tours or shop, it’s only natural to decide when and where and what time to meet again. When traveling alone you can change your plans, etc., without worrying about your commitment to someone else.

Traveling alone means traveling with whomever you please or ALONE.

IT’S THE WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!


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