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beauty masks

20 Awesome Travel-Friendly Beauty Masks

Vacations are meant for some extra R&R, so why not create your own spa-like experience in your hotel room? I’ve tested out 20 travel-friendly beauty masks so you can pick the one that best suits you.

Note: All of these beauty masks are TSA-compliant, but some need to be mixed with water (or another liquid).

Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin

beauty masks
(Photo: Amazon)

  • Price: $33 on Amazon.
  • Product Label Instructions: Use your favorite cleanser. Layer over clean skin. Remove after 10 minutes with a damp washcloth.
  • Notes: If you’re prone to breakouts while traveling, this is one of the better face masks for you. It’s formulated to soak up oil shine and clear dead skin cells.

nugg Face Mask Palette

beauty masks
(Photo: Amazon)

  • Price: $14 for a pack of four (exfoliating, hydrating, deep cleansing, and soothing) face masks on Amazon.
  • Product Label Instructions: How to use exfoliating face mask: Apply content of the cup generously to skin, leaving out the lips and eye area. Massage the mask into the skin for one minute and leave on for five to 10 minutes before thoroughly rinsing off with water or removing with a damp washcloth. Note: Product instructions vary slightly for the four different types of face masks.
  • Notes: This is perfect for a one-week full skin treatment of beauty masks. The face masks are great for travel because they come in conveniently sized pods. The hydrating face mask is especially great to use on a long flight.

100% PURE Ginseng Collagen Boost Mask

beauty masks
(Photo: 100% Pure)

  • Price: $30 on Amazon for pack of three face masks.
  • Product Label Instructions: Open package on a level surface and carefully slide the single, individually wrapped mask from the package. Open individual mask tray side up, taking care to retain nourishing liquid in mask tray. Lift mask out of tray and liquid. Lying back, place mask on. The longer you leave the mask on your skin, the thinner the hydrogel mask becomes because the water gets absorbed.
  • Notes: Ginseng is an anti-aging, skin-revitalizing root that increases collagen production for firmer, more elastic skin. This mask was very relaxing, but it was a little messy to apply. Make sure to lie down and stay still to keep it from moving. , I also found the eye holes a little small. The packaging is flat, so it’ll fit in any suitcase or bag.

Baszicare MUNDUS Phyto Detox Mask

(Photo: Baszicare)

  • Price: $198 on Baszicare’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: Apply a thick layer in the morning or evening to your face. Leave on skin for five minutes and then wash away with water before the mask gets dry. Can be followed by other treatments and moisturizers.
  • Notes: This is a great mask to use with other products for a full spa experience. This beauty mask is lightweight and gentle on the skin. The clay ingredients remove impurities while cucumber water replenishes moisture.

Farmacy New Dawn Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask Medley

beauty masks
(Photo: Farmacy)

  • Price: $24 for a pack of three face masks on Farmacy’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: Cleanse and tone the skin. Remove the mask from the sachet and unfold completely. The mask is placed between two sheets of protective mesh. Remove one side. Place the exposed mask side on your face and smooth over surface, then remove the other protective mesh. Leave the mask on for 20 to 25 minutes, then remove it and gently massage excess formula into the skin.
  • Notes: These three beauty masks come in the perfect packaging for travel. This set includes firming, brightening, and anti-wrinkle face masks. After I tested the brightening one, my skin felt great and was noticeably brighter. The mask was a little difficult to take the top layer off and it was pretty drippy, but definitely super hydrating.

Alterna Haircare Overnight Hair Rescue

beauty masks
(Photo: Alterna Haircare)

  • Price: $16 on Alterna Haircare’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: Apply to dry hair before bedtime. Dispense a quarter-sized amount of Overnight Hair Rescue into palms, rub hands together, and distribute evenly, concentrating on dry, damaged ends. It absorbs instantly and won’t leave residue on pillows. Leave on overnight and shampoo out in the morning.
  • Notes: Beauty masks don’t always have to be for the skin! My hair felt great when I shampooed it the next morning. The benefits are cumulative, so you can use it a few times on your trip.

PEAK 10 Skin Oxygen Infusing Revitalizing Mask

beauty masks
(Photo: PEAK 10)

  • Price: $36 on PEAK 10 Skin’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: You can use this mask in two ways. 1) Apply a thin layer over your entire face to clean skin, leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse with tepid water. 2) Apply the mask to your skin after cleansing your face. Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes, then layer your skin care products. Your skin will enjoy the oxygen treatment all night and feel refreshed in the morning.
  • Notes: You really can feel your skin tightening when wearing this mask. It was lightweight and easy to use, and my skin felt soft and bright after. Use after a long flight to rejuvenate your skin or for a quick refresher before dinner.

Phytomer HYDRASEA Thirst-Relief Rehydrating Mask

beauty masks
(Photo: Phytomer)

  • Price: $26 on Phytomer’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: Apply a medium layer to the face and neck, and leave on for five to 10 minutes. Massage excess product into the skin and rinse. For added moisture, massage in and leave on overnight.
  • Notes: This mask smells incredible. It was one of the most hydrating beauty masks I tested. It’s perfect to use after your normal skin routine or if you only have a few extra minutes to spare on your trip.

Lancer Radiance Awakening Mask

beauty masks
(Photo: Lancer)

  • Price: $140 on Lancer’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: At night, after polishing and cleansing, massage a generous layer onto your face and neck. Do not rinse; follow with moisturizer if desired. In the morning, follow your usual regimen. For best results, use one to two times per week.
  • Notes: This mask is great to use on your flight or the night after traveling. My skin looked great in the morning and felt radiant. While expensive, it’s a good investment mask to work into your weekly skin regimen.

100% PURE Bright Eyes Mask

beauty masks
(Photo: 100% Pure)

  • Price: $7 on 100% Pure’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: Open package on a level surface. Open individual mask tray side up, taking care to retain nourishing liquid in mask tray. Lift mask out of tray and liquid. Lying back, place mask on freshly cleaned face. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes (the longer you leave the mask on your skin, the thinner the hydrogel mask becomes because the water gets absorbed). Gently remove the mask and lightly massage any remaining moisture into your skin. Do not rinse. Follow with your normal skincare regimen. Discard the mask after single use. Use at least twice a week.
  • Notes: Lie down so the eye pads don’t move! The effects of this mask wore off quickly, but my eye area still felt super bright for an hour or so after. It’s great for combating jet lag.

Osmosis Skincare’s HydraLift Firming Gel Mask

beauty masks
(Photo: Osmosis Skincare)

  • Price: $52 on Osmosis Skincare’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: Apply an even layer to cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for five to 15 minutes and rinse with water. Can be used daily or worn overnight.
  • Notes: This beauty mask was both lightweight and noticeably firm. As one of the only gluten-free and vegan beauty masks I’ve come across, it’s great for travelers with sensitive skin or allergies.

2 Peas in Apothecary Oatmeal Mask

beauty masks
(Photo: Ashley Rossi)

  • Price: Contact 2 Peas in Apothecary to special order.
  • Product Label Instructions: Mix one sachet of scrub with water to form a paste, and apply to face using small circles to gently exfoliate the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Rinse well with warm water and a soft cloth.
  • Notes: This was one of the messier beauty masks I tested, but I liked the exfoliating effect; my skin felt super clean the next day. Just be careful how much water you add to it because you can dilute it too much.

Mint Skin MUD Black

beauty masks
(Photo: Mint Skin)

  • Price: $19 for four sachets on Mint Skin’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: Spread mask evenly over your face and relax for 10 to 20 minutes. Remove with a damp towel and refresh with water and moisturizer.
  • Notes: Beauty masks with charcoal are a bit messy, but if you’re careful they’re easy to use and worth the extra effort. I recommend using a brush applicator. After I took off this beauty mask, my skin felt incredibly clean. Make sure to moisturize afterward.

Also check out the line’s hydrating clay mask, MUD Rosa and detox clay mask, MUD O.G. (both available in travel-size packets).

Belle Bar Niagara Hydrating Face Mask

beauty masks
(Photo: Belle Bar)

  • Price: $25 for three face masks on Belle Bar’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: Add one teaspoon of powder into the palm of your hand or a bowl, mix with a small amount of water, and rub into a spreadable paste (you can mix it to your desired thickness, similar to the consistency of baby food). To ramp up the intensity of the mask, you can mix the powder with green tea. Gently massage on cleansed, moist skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for at least 20 minutes and rise with warm water. If you don’t have time for a full face mask session, use it as a quick exfoliate in the shower.
  • Notes: This face mask smelled great and softened my skin nicely. It was slightly messy and a little hard to mix, but it works great as an exfoliator.

Belle Bar makes custom hair and beauty masks in travel-friendly, resealable pouches, so you can pick and chose the right mask mixture for your skin.

Ola Tropical Apothecary Kai Sea Mud Mask

beauty masks
(Photo: Ashley Rossi)

  • Price: $45 on Hawaiian Body Product’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: Apply a thin layer of mask to clean, washed skin. Allow three to five minutes to absorb into the skin. Remove with warm water. Follow with toner and moisturizer. Use occasionally based on the needs of your skin.
  • Notes: This was one of my favorite beauty masks that I tested. Your skin feels fresh and tingly the second you put it on. The mixture is a little bit messy, so pack the jar in a sealed bag and mix well before using.

Also check out two other face masks from the line, Aina – Taro Honey Mask and Pua – Hibiscus Volcanic Mask.

Thesis Beauty Mask Strawberry Dessert

beauty masks
(Photo: Thesis Beauty)

  • Price: $23 on Thesis Beauty’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: Exfoliate skin before. Apply mask to a damp, cleansed face. Mix one to two teaspoons into a bowl with a liquid. Leave on for 15 to 25 minutes and rinse with warm water. Moisturize.
  • Notes: You can mix with a variety of liquids like water or even green tea. I recommend rinsing it off when you feel the mask getting tighter. I really liked the smell of this one, and the tiny trial size is great for easy transport.

Masqueology Special Care Cream Mask with Aloe Vera

beauty masks
(Photo: Masqueology)

  • Price: $30 for 12 face masks on Masqueology’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: Wash your face to remove makeup and any environmental toxins. Gently unfold mask and place on your face. Adjust the eyes, nose, and mouth openings—your eyes and mouth can be either covered or exposed. Relax for 20 minutes with the mask in place. Remove the mask from your face and discard. No need to rinse; massage remaining product into your face and neck.
  • Notes: The aloe vera in this mask makes it perfect to use after a day out in the sun.


Masqueology Moisturizing Hair Mask 

beauty masks
(Photo: Masqueology)

  • Price: $3 for beauty masks on Masqueology’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: After shampooing your hair, gently remove the excess water and gather the hair towards the top. Open mask and cover over hair. Tighten the mask around the head so there is no space for the cream to get out, and sticker the bottom around the head. Gently massage the highly concentrated nutrient treatment all over the head so the cream is evenly absorbed. After 10-15 minutes, take off mask and rinse off the treatment with warm water
  • Notes: This mask can help jump-start your dry hair and scalp after traveling and encountering environmental toxins.

Glam Glow PowerMud Dualcleanse Treatment Glam to Go

beauty masks
(Photo: Glam Glow)

  • Price: $24 on Glam Glow’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: Apply an even thin layer to a clean, dry face. Leave on for five to 10 minutes, allowing to dry. For removal, apply water and use circular motions to transform into a cleansing oil treatment. Use once or twice a week.
  • Notes: This face mask is great for both men and women. The dual-cleanse mask gets rid of weekly product buildup.

MENAJI Deep Cleansing Masque

beauty masks
(Photo: Amazon)

  • Price: $26 on Menaji’s website.
  • Product Label Instructions: Apply a quarter-sized amount over forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin using circular motions. Avoid getting close to the eyes and lips. Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water in the shower or with a washcloth over the sink. Gently dry with a towel. This face mask also works as a spot treatment.
  • Notes: Yes, men, there are face masks for you, too. This one is made especially for guys; since men have a 20 percent higher oil production, this face mask focuses on deep-pore cleansing.

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