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Tips on State of Tasmania Warnings or Dangers – Stay Safe!


State of Tasmania Warnings and Dangers 

An island off the southern coast of Australia, Tasmania makes an out-of-the-way but rewarding destination. Head here and keep in mind that wildlife is something you need to keep in mind even when driving.

Tasmanian Snakes

There are several kinds of snakes in all corners of the island. Many are harmless but a few can be dangerous. The most dangerous is the tiger snake, which can get up to 10-feet long. They are very visible from a distance, and if you see one, stay away from it.

Biting Ants

Another common danger in Tasmania are the local ants. Known as Jack Jumpers, they are small but nasty. Look out for black ants with yellowish ends. They tend to congregate in freshly tilled soil, so be wary around farmlands. The ants are poisonous. If you think you’ve been nipped, you might notice an itch. Get immediate medical attention.

Driving Here 

Tasmania is a large island with long distances. Driving is often a necessity. However, be careful when driving. Many roads are narrow and get really slippery in the rain. You could easily clip a guardrail and get hurt. Even the highways here can be very narrow and may not allow you to pass another car.  Slow down whenever possible in order to keep safe, especially in the rainy climate. The roads are also full of animals crossing. Look for animals ranging from possums to deer when you are driving. You don’t want to one and hurt the animal or yourself. Be particularly careful at night as many Tasmanian animals are nocturnal and will be more active during this time. They are often attracted to the short grass that grow near the highways. They will come out to feed at dusk.

Check in Advance

The availability of attractions in Tasmania changes from week to week, and this may impede your ability to see certain sites. An unexpected rain can bring heavy flooding and impact beautiful wild places like Meander Falls. Find out if the place you want to visit is open before you head out.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings or dangers in the state of Tasmania. 

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