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Tips on Seychelles Warnings or Dangers – Stay Safe!


Seychelles Warnings and Dangers

Hot, humid and like looking at a visual tranquilizer, the Seychelles is an island grouping In the Indian Ocean.  While its natural beauty and warm breeze baths you in tranquility, there are some warnings you should be aware of before traveling.

Sun & Surf

Being close to the equator, the sun is very intense during the day. Because of the constant trade winds especially around the beaches, you might not notice until you’re acquired quite a burn.  Pack a good sun screen, decent pair of sunglasses, swimming shoes and a brimmed hat. Limit your time in the sun when you arrive.  Reapply the sun screen every few hours and right after returning from a swim.  There are many coral reefs, red crabs, and sea urchins all with sharp protrusions.  Wear swimming shoes when venturing into the ocean.  If a sea snake swims alongside you, let them go first.

There are an abundance of beaches so if one is crowded or the conditions questionable, another beach is just a few minutes away. Some of the water is dangerous during certain seasons. While the ministry of tourism is pretty good about posting signs, beware of strong currents and sudden sizeable waves that come when there is underwater minor earthquake activity. It is best to never swim at night or alone. Most of the hotels have organized night dives for both scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts.


The islands are lush tropical paradise but lurking around are swarms of mosquitoes that are more concentrated around standing water.  Pack a good bug repellant and if you can fit it in, an extra mosquito netting. Most hotels and guest houses provide this but you might find it useful while on the beach.

SPIDERS – Seychelles is not a good place for those with arachnaphobias! Palm spiders are everywhere…on bushes especially! They are big but harmless and stay in their giant webs avoiding humans.

Other Warning Tips

Water: It is suggested to not drink tap water but stick to bottled when possible.

Money Exchange: Tourists should pay in Euros, however be aware you might get your change in local currency.

Credit Cards / Banking: Credit cards are rarely accepted outside of major hotels. While Barclay’s is the main bank on the islands, check for your ATM reciprocity

Souvenirs:  Before bringing back shells and coral, make sure you can legally import to your country.  If you purchase a Coco de Mer seed, make sure it has a green tag so you can export it legally.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings and dangers in the Seychelles.

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