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Savannah Warnings and Dangers

Tips on Savannah Warnings or Dangers – Stay Safe!


Savannah Warnings and Dangers

Routinely voted one of the most beautiful cities in America, Savannah is one place that calls to mind southern elegance and charm. Travelers will find a city of lovely mansions and carefully laid out squares right by the water. However, even this jewel of a city may have some hidden dangers that you must bear in mind during your stay.

Physical Dangers

Savannah has many trees. Unfortunately these trees can harbor hanging Spanish Moss. While pretty, Spanish Moss may contain tiny insects known as redbugs. They can burrow into a person’s skin and cause irritation and pain. Do not touch this substance or attempt to bring it home. Savannah is also considered a walking city. There are many pleasant places to walk including along the waterfront. Be aware that the sidewalks here are not always well maintained. Trees and heavy winds and rains can push up the sidewalk bricks and worn blue stones. Watch your step as you walk through the city. You don’t want to trip and fall on poorly maintained sidewalk.  Bring a pair of good walking shoes with you. Also keep in mind that many homes are being renovated here, making them construction sites you must be aware of when passing.  There are stairs in many places that can be very steep, particularly around River Street. Look for the elevator at the River Street Visitors Center for added safety.

People May Pose a Danger

The city attracts many happy revelers. Bars line certain streets. Be careful if you are around places like River Street at night. Drunken party goers may make the local streets unsafe. If you don’t like alcohol, keep to areas where there is less activity. Many people suggest avoiding the square west of Market Street as can be a gathering place for criminals at all hours of the night.  Crime is also not uncommon in the city. As a traveler, make sure you know where your cash is at all times. Be aware that driving through the city can be complicated. The city squares form a grid pattern you need to understand. Bring a map with you as you drive. While the historic district is generally considered very safe, other areas may not be as well guarded. If you are staying somewhere else, secure your belongings at all times and lock your car. Look for restaurants in the area that offer good cooking. Prices should not be very high for a simple lunch or good dinner.

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Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings and dangers in Savannah. 

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