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Detroit Warnings and Dangers

Tips on Detroit Warnings or Dangers – Stay Safe!


Detroit Warnings and Dangers

Much has been said about the City of Detroit in recent years. However, the city is still one of the most important cities in the United States. You just need to practice caution when visiting Detroit.

Many of the stories you hear about how dangerous Detroit is are unfounded and often from people who have never been to Detroit. Much of downtown Detroit, Greektown, and other areas are just as safe if not more so than other large populated cities. Corktown can prove to be a bit more on the dangerous side, if you don’t practice caution. It is not recommended to walk down in this part of town after dark. Some of the most popular restaurants are in Corktown, but parking isn’t difficult so you won’t need to walk far from the restaurant to your vehicle.

Keep Your Vehicle Locked When Parked

This doesn’t just hold true for parking on the street, but also in parking garages for concerts and sporting events. Smash and grabs are not as likely in a parking garage, but if the vehicle is unlocked it almost will be certainly be entered and anything worthwhile stolen.

Where is the Best Place to Park, Shop, and Eat To Avoid Crime in Detroit?

If you would feel more comfortable staying in just one area of town, stick to Greektown. Greektown is close enough to Ford Field and Comerica Park you can walk to a sports game, yet far enough away your vehicle will be safe. Park in the Greektown Casino parking structure as it has extra security, not to mention some of the best Greek food in the city.

Detroit is Gritty But You’ll Stay Safe If You’re Smart

Detroit is a very gritty city. However, residents in Detroit are also extremely defensive and proud of the city as well. If you practice caution you’ll remain safe. Don’t leave your vehicle parked in the open over night, don’t wander down alleys after dark and stay where it is lit. There is no one real destination for the homeless, but you likely will encounter some.

Once you begin moving out of downtown, things can become a bit more dangerous. Midtown has seen somewhat of a renaissance over the years so it is becoming a vibrant community. However, as you move past Midtown, you’ll start to enter neighborhoods with more crime. There isn’t any real reason to venture into most of these areas, so stay closer to the downtown area whenever possible.

Is Open Drug Use a Problem in Detroit?

Drug use in any major city exists. Detroit doesn’t have a significant problem though. You may walk past someone smoking marijuana, but in terms of harder drugs, as long as you closer to downtown you likely won’t encounter anything beyond this.

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Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about areas to avoid and crime in Detroit. 

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