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Bora-Bora Warnings and Dangers

Tips on Bora-Bora Warnings or Dangers – Stay Safe!


Bora-Bora Warnings and Dangers

Bora-Bora is a major South Pacific tourist destination. This lush island is home to many major resorts and lots of incredible sea life. If you are staying here, be aware of certain specific dangers and inconveniences you might need to cope with or avoid.

Staying in Bora-Bora can be a great way to get away from it all. However, even here there can be dangers on land and in the ocean. This is a relatively pricey part of the world so be prepared to spend a lot of money. Be aware that you might find problems such as pickpockets in the larger markets and falling coconuts when exploring the interior jungle region. The ocean can also be a problem that may include anything from serious hair damage to even more serious problems with dangerous sharks and eels. Using common sense at all times is key.

Life on Land

While the total square are of Bora-Bora is less than twelve square miles, cars can be found for rent all over the island. If you rent one, be aware that you might share the road with everything from a large bus to small scooters. You should also be aware that many roads, even larger roads, are small and narrow so you might need to give away and let others pass. Traffic is also found especially during the rush hours. Plan accordingly. Potholes can also be a problem in the rain filled climate. Huge potholes can often be seen everywhere. Flooding is also a problem so be prepared when driving that you may need to navigate around them.

Many natives love their pets but they will not a put a leash on them. Instead, you will often find dogs roaming many of the islands. Use caution when nearing a strange dog. Do not assume the dog is friendly.

Dangers in the Water

The spectacular clear blue waters of the Pacific are one of the reasons people come to Bora-Bora. Be aware that the local waters teem with sharks. In general, there are three different kinds of sharks: the Blacktip, Whitetip and Grey reef shark found here. If you see one of them in the water, do not panic. Locals will tell you that if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. If you are spending lots of time in the water, you want to take careful care of your skin and your hair. Wear a hat when traveling in a boat to add an extra layer of protection against the intense sun here. You should also have enough sunscreen on hand at all times.

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Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings and dangers in Bora-Bora. 

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