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Tips on Avoiding Wadi Rum Tourist Traps


Wadi Rum Tourist Traps

If you are planning to a take a tour in Wadi Rum, read the reviews ahead of time to avoid having a miserable time and getting ripped off.

Rescue Story

I picked up a tour to Burdah Rockbridge at Wadi Rum visitor center. Our guide spoke a strange English and when we passed sites scheduled in the tour plan, I had to use my guide book often to find articles that were related to what my guide was showing me. When we reached the bridge site,  I was disappointed when my guide told me that I had to climb alone since he was the only driver. About 50 meters from the bridge, the climb was harder and I got stuck. While thinking about jumping down, I heard a noise behind me which ended up being a bedouin guide leading a group of four tourists and he shouted for me to stay. He then helped me down and asked why I came alone. He then invited me to join his group.  We spent an hour at the bridge area with amazing views of the desert. I decided to join the French group to go to a sunset site on the way to the village and was treated to the bedouin hospitality. The next morning he drove us to his house in the village. He had a large, framed photo of his father and King Hussein (former King of Jordan).

Avoid Aodeh Abdulla Al Zlapeh

I used Aodeh for my Wadi Rum jeep tour and overnight stay. It was the worst mistake I made in Jordan and really made my Wadi Rum trip a disappointment. The guide made my trip miserable by not explaining anything as we went, telling us he would fix dinner and then not starting it until after 8 when we were starving, taking a two hour nap during the day. He made me feel like a burden during the tour and then wanted to leave me alone in the desert in the evening. While assuring me that I’d be safe (and offering me a dagger), I told him I did not feel safe and asked him to bring me back to the village. It was a big disappointment and rip-off.

Editor’s Note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about Wadi Rum tourist traps.

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