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Tipping While Traveling: Guess Which Nationality is the Most Generous?


When it comes to tipping, you’d think that Americans would be the most generous, since it’s such a common practice here in the United States. However, according to a new survey by TripAdvisor (SmarterTravel’s parent company), Germans are actually the most giving while on vacation.

TripAdvisor surveyed travelers across the globe on how likely they are to tip while on trips. Here’s the percentage, broken down by nationality, of respondents who said they always leave something extra while on vacation:

  • Germans: 69%
  • Americans: 57%
  • Russians: 53%
  • Brazilians: 40%
  • French: 39%
  • Spanish: 36%
  • Italians: 23%

So what does it take to get Americans to tip while abroad? U.S. tourists say they’re most likely to leave a gratuity for helpful service at a hotel, and for friendly service at a restaurant. To figure out how much to tip, 73 percent of Americans consult travel guides, whereas only 26 percent ask locals for advice.


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