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Thousand Islands, Jakarta Insider Tips


Things to Do in Jakarta: Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu) are a chain of islands that visitors can find north of the coasts of Jakarta. Several islands are set apart for recreation, and here are some insider tips to pay attention to when visiting.

Heading Beneath the Waves

Pulau Macan, in the Thousand Island chain, is a gem. You can take snorkeling trips along living reefs and paddle out to a deserted island. When you stay at one of the Thousand Islands, don’t miss out on the underwater view. All you have to do is rent a taxi boat and ask the boatman to take you to a good coral reef nearby. If you rent it for a day, you can fit in the time to go snorkeling at at least three places.

The Many Islands

Putri Island is one island among the many thousands in North Jakarta. The island contains a resort at which you can visit a miniature water park. The park contains an outdoor aquarium and a glass tunnel inside, which creates an amazing view. Sepa Island is for the nature lovers, and it contains long stretches of flat beach and white sands. The peaceful waters off the coast make this a perfect place for snorkeling, while sun lovers will enjoy a few hours of sun bathing. Finally, don’t forget to stop at Rambut Island. If you want to see birds in their natural habitat, you’ll find this island is the perfect place to go nature watching.

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