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The Other Georgia


Author: soplio
Date of Trip: August 2004

I am exploring mountains, seas, lush greenery and overwhelming hospitality in the land of wine while teaching English as a Peace Corps Volunteer. There is the Black sea an hour away, the mountain resort Bakhmaro with wooden cottages on stilts, and plenty of Wild West antics.

The best places to see are:
Ushguli in Svaneti (the highest village in Europe), Nabeghlavi (village with famous mineral water), Bakhmaro (mountain village with wooden cottages on stilts), and Chokhatauri (where I live and other Gurians who are famous for their singing and humor).

Quick Tips/Suggestions:
Fly to Tbilisi, the capital city in Georgia…take a taxi to the Nika hotel at 38 Mitskevitchi, then explore away.

Best Way to Get Around:
Marshutkas (minivans) are the best form of public transportation anywhere in the country. To make it stop, just say “gamicheret!”

Nika Hotel, Tbilisi, Georgia:
Wonderful Georgian woman “Janora” runs the hotel. Many travelers or Peace Corps Volunteers stay here. Always clean sheets, hot water, satellite TV. She usually only charges $25 and includes a breakfast with fried eggs, yogurt, cereal, coffee or tea, and bread.

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