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The DOT reissues lithium battery restrictions


The Department of Transportation (DOT) has caused confusion once again. This time, it’s with the new restriction on loose lithium batteries. No one is exactly sure what electronic devices and back-up power they can and can’t bring.

So, the DOT has reissued its message to help clear things up. The rules remain the same, even if the statement is just as confusing.

Passengers are not allowed to pack loose lithium batteries, i.e. those not installed in electronic devices, in a checked bag. However, there’s no limit to how many batteries can be in a carry-on, though it’s recommended that they are separated into different compartments or by a zip-top bag.

Oh, and actually, there is a limit on the size of battery. Passengers are only allowed two uninstalled lithium batteries with eight to 25 grams of equivalent lithium content. Though, to be fair, most everyday electronics, such as laptops, cell phones, and digital cameras, use batteries that don’t come near that level.

Make sense, yet? Ok, as far as I can tell, you can take any of your techie toys with batteries installed in checked or carry-on bags. If you have back-up batteries, separate them and carry them on the plane with you. Don’t pack them in checked luggage. Oh, and leave the super-powered batteries at home.

If you’re still unsure about what you can and can’t bring, this website provides a list of permitted and forbidden types of batteries.

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