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The Danube in Serbia: 588 Impressions | | |

The Danube is the only of large European rivers that flows from west to east. Its source is still subject of scientific debate,
while its mouth widens year-in-year-out. Throughout its history, the river had a major role as a link and as a border, as the lifeblood of commerce…

That is why the journey along the Danube is like a visit to a museum of European history, filled with “exhibits” of natural rarities, deep layers of cultural heritage, colourful lifestyles, events, tourist offers and attractions.

Producer: Supernatural
Director and screenwriter: Srdjan Stankovic

Executive producer: Marsh creative production
Producer: Maja Marsicevic
Executive producer: Anja Jeremic

Director of photography: Vildovic Dragan
Assistants: Miroslav Moracha, Dragan Cvrkota, Velimir Lukic, Nikola Stankovic
Colorist: Goran Todoric

Editing: Bojan Kosovic
Sound designer: Vladimir Kerkez
Composer: Aleksandar Simic, Aleksandar Randjelovic

Text author: Aleksandar Simic, Srdjan Stankovic
Narator: John White, Goran Sultanovic
Underwater shots, Gornje podunavlje birds:
Szilard Kovac
Graphic design: Nenad Radojcic
Creative consultant: Goran Stankovic
Organization assitant: Nikola Stankovic

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