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State Department Email Scam Targets Visa Seekers


If you get an email from the “U.S. Department of State, Immigration Department” that you’ve been accepted in the DV program, delete it without opening or clicking on the link. It’s a scam.

At this point, we don’t know if this particular invitation contains a virus or is simply phishing (in fact, many who receive it really don’t quite know what the DV program is), but in any event, it’s phony and targets persons trying to get a Diversity Immigrant Visa. The State department posts a warning about this fraud, which you should check if you’re seeking a visa and ignore if you’re a citizen. 

This email brings up the larger problem of current computer frauds, some aimed at travelers, others aimed at anybody who bites. Another common one going around is a phone call telling you that your computer is having problems but the caller can fix it. At best, you’ll be out their charge to “fix” your computer; at worst, your computer will play host to a Trojan horse virus that will be extremely difficult to remove.

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