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Spirit’s ‘Treasure Hunt’ sale is the worst airline promotion ever


In what can only be classified as the most annoying sale ever, Spirit today announced (and then quickly clarified) a two-day “Treasure Hunt” for low fares. The Florida-based airline’s sale offered fares as low as $19 each way—but it wouldn’t say on which routes or travel dates. In fact, it wouldn’t even give you the real names of the cities involved.

Here are some sample “fares” from the promotion: “Taj Mahal, USA” to “Best Spirit destination to use your nine iron” on “six dates.” Um, WHAT? Let’s assume I correctly decoded this to mean “Atlantic City” to “Myrtle Beach.” Even then, how could I possibly guess which six dates had the $19 fare? And why should I bother?

Spirit has since come to its senses and posted a “treasure map” that lists the actual city names and dates. I’m guessing this is due to customer complaints. But my goodness, what a terrible idea this one was from the start. Finding low fares is never easy, but this stunt certainly wins the award for going above and beyond the call of duty in that regard.

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