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Spirit Ads Go Taste-Free, Again


Those leaked photos of naked celebrities that went viral over the Labor Day weekend?

Spirit, which has an unrivaled history of bad-taste marketing, apparently just couldn’t resist the temptation to tie its Bare Fare program to the criminal loss of privacy suffered by Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and others.

Yesterday, Spirit mass emailed a marketing missive making none-too-subtle reference to the recent photo hack. The copy reads, in part:

“Our bare fare was hacked. We feel naked; you were never supposed to see this Bare Fare! It was meant for a special someone (who isn’t you). Now it’s all over the Internet for you to take advantage of as you see fit… We thought the cloud was our friend, y’know, because we spend so much time flying with ’em. But now our private prices are on display!”

Cute, by the standards of adolescent humor. But really, Spirit: making light of someone else’s misfortune?

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Cute, crass, or …?

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