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Southwest Launches Mileage Grab for Denver Flyers


The next three months could be an uncommonly rewarding period for travelers flying to or from Denver.

Southwest has just announced a double-points promotion for all its Denver flights.

And while there are no matching offers yet from Frontier (which is based in Denver) or United (which operates a Denver hub), there probably will be.

Offer Details

Southwest Rapid Rewards members can earn one bonus credit on all Southwest Airlines flights into or out of Denver from September 23 through December 15.

With the bonus, members earn two credits for each one-way flight. For Business Select fares, members earn 2.25 credits on short-haul flights and 3 credits on long-haul flights.

Registration is required.

Deal or No Deal

Double credits. Denver. For almost three months. All good.

For Southwest loyalists, this rates a strong “buy.”

If Southwest isn’t your preferred carrier, put off booking as long as possible to see which other airlines respond to Southwest’s bonus with offers of their own. As alluded to above, there’s a good chance that Frontier and United, at least, will feel compelled to match.

Reader Reality Check

Denver and double credits. What’s not to like?

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