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Southwest Hikes Minors Fee, Alaska Tweaks Bag Fees


Alaska just announced a top-to-bottom reorganization of its baggage fees. Bags one through three will now cost $20 each, and bags four through 10 will cost $50.

The change represents a $5 hike for the first bag, no change for the second bag, and $30 reduction for the third bag.

Bags four through 10 used to cost $100, so the new fee is a 50 percent cut on the old one.

Elsewhere, Southwest has doubled its unaccompanied minor fee to $50. Alaska has actually lowered its unaccompanied minor fee to $25 for nonstop flights and $50 for connecting flights. Previously, the airline charged a flat $75 fee.

As always, you can keep track of all the airlines’ charges with our Ultimate Guide to Airline Fees.

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