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Sour Note? Southwest Eliminates Lemons


Southwest will no longer offer sliced lemons as part of its beverage service, in a move aimed at limiting waste and saving money: The citrus shedding should save the airline $100,000 a year. The airline will continue offering limes, and will also expand its full beverage service to early morning flights, on which passengers previously could only get coffee, orange juice, or water.

The Airline Biz Blog reports Southwest spokesman Brad Hawkins said, “internal feedback indicated the airline really didn’t need to serve both limes and lemons, and limes came out as passengers’ favorite.”

“‘At the end of our 3,200 daily flights, we found an excess of lemons and needless waste,'” he said.

Here’s my question for you, readers: $100,000 is a lot of money, but in the grand scheme of an airline’s budget, is it enough to warrant removing a perk, however trivial? While I doubt too many people will miss the lemons, let alone miss them severely enough to rethink their loyalty to Southwest, I am curious to see what you think about airlines cutting costs in these small but noticeable ways. Leave a comment below with your thoughts, thanks!

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