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Snowdonia – What to Pack – Clothing and Supplies Tips


Snowdonia What to Pack

A favorite hiking destination for many travelers, Snowdonia is known for its variety of weather conditions and beautiful scenery. Here are some tips about what to pack for a trip to Snowdonia.

Hiking Gear

Hiking gear is a must for this adventure. Never try to go up Snowdon in jeans and trainers. Stay away from heavy cotton tops as well, as they take a long time to dry and do not breathe very well.

Make sure you wear good walking boots. The higher your boots go up your leg, the better.

Dress in layers, as the temperature is occasionally unpredictable as you climb.

Note: If you plan to go up in the warmer months, make sure you have brought a breathable t-shirt. Sunglasses are also recommended during this time of year. If you are going up during the winter months, a thermal base layer under your clothes is recommended. A scarf, warm hat, and warm gloves are also needed.

Camera Equipment

Traveling in this area will offer you some amazing views that can’t be found anywhere else. Camera equipment is a must to capture the stunning scenery.


As this is a hike, it’s important to bring a rucksack, napsack, or backpack that is comfortable and can manage the items you will need.

In addition to your hiking gear and camera equipment, fill your pack with waterproofs, food and water, sunscreen, first aid, and safety gear such as whistles and flashlights.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about what to pack for Snowdonia.

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