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Snakes on a plane!


By now you’ve seen the trailer, read the blogs, and watched the music video. You’re ready for it: Snakes on a Plane opens in theaters today.

Is it the most ridiculous air travel-themed movie idea since Soul Plane? Yeah, probably, though I still can’t wait to see it. But that’s not why I’m raising the subject. Our friends over at Budget Travel Online yesterday published a Q&A with Frontier Airlines’ spokesperson Joe Hodas about “Real Life Snakes on a Plane.”

I just love it when Hollywood and budget travel come together. The Q&A addresses such hot-button topics as, “Has there ever been an animal loose on a Frontier flight?” (answer: no) and “What should someone do if he or she finds a snake in a cabin?” (answer: “capture him in a barf bag”).

In all seriousness, it’s a fun read and definitely worth a look. Oh, I should also point out that sometimes snakes do end up loose on a plane. Just ask pilot Monty Coles, who in June made an emergency landing to rid himself of one such slithery friend.

And if you think I’ve been saving this particular news item for two months for just this occasion … you’re right.

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