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Betcha I Can Tell Ya Where Ya Got Dem Shoes in New Orleans and Other Warnings and Dangers


Betcha I Can Tell Ya Where Ya Got Dem Shoes

Headed to New Orleans for a visit to the French Quarter or perhaps to celebrate the world famous Mardi Gras? Heed these warning and dangers before you pack your bags and don’t fall for the trick question, “Betcha I can tell ya where ya got dem shoes”!

Mind Your Manners…Or Don’t

While it may be rude to ignore people, don’t talk to strangers really is important in New Orleans. A common scam, “Betcha I can tell ya where ya got dem shoes” happens a lot to unsuspecting tourists. For a small fee, the stranger will get you to agree so he or she can guess. The answer? On your feet. Bam. Money out of your pocket right? There are also situations where someone will provide you services without your consent or request and then demand money for them. Traveling around New Orleans and hear that line? Keep on walking.

Birds of a Feather Fly Together

When traveling through beautiful New Orleans, it’s best to enjoy the scenery in a group. This makes you less susceptible to muggers, scammers, or other seedy people who are looking to rip you off. It’s also important that everyone in the group understands to stick to well-lit areas and not let anyone stop you on the street, no matter how rude they may feel doing so. In some areas, specifically around the notorious voodoo shop, Marie Louveau’s, there are people who will bless your group with voodoo for a certain amount of money. Don’t want to pay up? Consider yourself cursed.

Stick To Safer Areas 

New Orleans is a beautiful town, but it does have its seedier locations. Areas like the French Quarter are well known for their beautiful restaurants, delicious southern food, and outstanding jazz music. But on the outskirts of the city, near Canel Street, is where things get a little rough. It’s best to avoid those areas in general unless you want to find yourself conned out of your cash or robbed. If you must go, stick to well-lit areas or go during the day time and in a group of friends.

Don’t Worry, Your Shoes Look Fine 

Especially on the famous Bourbon Street, you will find shoe shiners who are more than happy to get your shoes looking great again. And they are extremely pushy. If you are traveling along and find someone is aggressively trying to shine your shoes for you, keep walking and stay firm. In fact, unless you actually do want your shoes shined, it’s best to just ignore them entirely as stated above.

Editor’s Note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings and dangers in New Orleans. 

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