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Share Your Tips for Tall Travelers


I’m five-feet, eleven inches tall, and let me tell you: Coach is tight. My knees press against the seat and there isn’t enough room to extend my legs. I can’t imagine what my six-foot-two cousin deals with, let alone anyone taller than him.

Indeed, flying can be quite uncomfortable for tall people. With that in mind, I’m asking you to share your suggestions for tall travelers, whether you’re tall or not. Here are a few common sense tips to get the ball rolling:

  • Book an exit row seat. Most airlines let you reserve an exit row seat, which has considerably more legroom than typical coach seating.
  • Similarly, book a bulkhead seat, which offers less legroom but guarantees you won’t have someone reclining into your knees.
  • When it comes to lodging, look for hotels that offer long beds, such as Kimpton.

What else can you suggest for tall people? Leave a comment below with your tips and ideas. Thanks!

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