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SE Virginia to the Florida Keys in 1 Day


Author: thenavigator1944
Date of Trip: October 2006

In the late fall, many travel to their 2nd home in Florida (and my wife & I try to avoid them). We live in SE Virginia & depart at midnight Saturday going onto Sunday. It takes us approx 1:40 to get to I-95 via Rt. 58 and avoid the deer & contribution collection points set up by local law enforcement.

Once on I-95, the speed control is dialed in at approx. 8 MPH over the posted limit.Five hours after leaving our house, we’re in Florence, SC, and it’s time to empty 1 tank & fill the other. 3:40 later, we’re in Kingsland, GA, & again empty 1 tank & fill the other. We do not stop at the FL Welcome center as this is packed, but drive thru JAX & stop at the rest area 20-30 miles further south,which is empty. Time for a 20 minute walk to get the blood going & the joints moving.

We get off at Ft. Pierce and get on the FL Turnpike to avoid the local crazies driving at 90MPH on I-95 and who think they are at a NASCAR Race & I-95 construction. We stay on the turnpike & gladly pay the tolls all the way to Florida City where we gas up, eat light and check into our motel and are asleep by 5:30PM.

The next day it’s off thru the Keys to Key West. So if anyone should be on I-95 the last Sunday of Oct 2007 & sees a Toyota Corolla with VA Parrothead Lic. Plates & magnetic signs proclaiming, “MILK SUCKS, GOT MARGARITAS” on the side, wave or better yet, give us a FINS UP.

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