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‘Saturday Night Live’ Star Starts Travel Site


He’s on a boat, and now you can be, too. Or on a bike, helicopter, or limo … Saturday Night Live‘s famous songster Andy Samberg is the co-founder of a new website called CanaryHop. The website’s founders describe CanaryHop as “an online marketplace for activities and travel experiences … Basically we are the modern-day classifieds for travel for the next generation.” With everything from vacation deals to personal tours on offer, we think the site seems similar to a travel-only Craigslist.

So how does the site work? You can register as a Canary (host) or Hopper (guest). Only individuals can register, not companies, but an individual from a company can register. For example, a tour guide can register and offer personal tours, but they can’t register as a generic company. Once a Hopper books an activity, CanaryHop holds the money (plus a 3 percent transaction fee) until 24-hours after the activity is completed.

Pretty much everything (and we mean everything) you could want on your travels is on offer. There’s circus training in Las Vegas, a Tequila distillery tour in Tequila, Mexico, and mountain biking in India. You could explore your own backyard with a local walking tour, or book an entire vacation in a far-flung locale.

Worried about your guide being a Canary in wolf’s clothing? Hosts post profiles and photos, and guests are encouraged to message back and forth with them before booking. Plus, guests can leave a tour at any time if they feel unsafe.

Would you give CanaryHop a try? Tell us why or why not in the comments!

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