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Saint Petersburg- What to Pack- Clothing and Supplies Tips


Saint Petersburg- What to Pack

The climate of St. Petersburg can be unpredictable. Know what to pack so you’re prepared.


Sturdy lockable bags with durable handles or deep, zippered bags discourage pickpockets.


For summer, pack a light jacket or sweater. It rains a lot, for long periods, so bring waterproof gear, including comfortable, waterproof shoes. High temperatures range from the low 60s-70s.

Winters are cold but buildings are well-heated. Take thermal undergarments, clothes that you can layer, plenty of socks and gloves, and boots for walking in the snow. Bring as much flannel, wool, fur, and fleece as possible.

For the theater, bring a classy outfit, such as black pants and a dress shirt or blouse.

Women should have a head-covering when entering religious buildings.


Bring an adapter to charge electronics, and memory cards to store photos.


Pack your favorite toiletries, including over-the-counter medications. Russian equivalents are marketed under different brands and labeled in Cyrillic. Bring prescriptions (with back-up doses if possible). Carry toilet paper, which is scarce in public places, and spare change. (There’s a charge to use public toilets).


An excellent resource on Eastern or Central Europe is In Your Pocket. Another is DK Eyewitness Travel Guide:  St. PetersburgBring a good English-Russian dictionary.

Other Essentials

Take a neck or money bag for cash and bank cards. Otherwise, bring coats or jackets with zippered inside pockets.

Bring mosquito repellent (or Vitamin B tablets) during warmer months.

Take copies of your visa and passport in case the originals are lost.

Use cash or bank cards; travelers checks aren’t readily accepted, especially outside big cities.

Editor’s Note:  The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about what to pack in Saint Petersburg.


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