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Ryanair Rolls Out Biz Class


Is Ryanair business class an oxymoron? We’ll soon know.

“Europe’s favourite low cost airline” (Ryanair’s self-description) rolled out Ryanair Business Plus, what it’s calling “a tailored suite of travel benefits.”

Predictably, nowhere in that “suite” is anything resembling a suite, or even a seat with significantly more legroom. Here’s Ryanair’s idea of business class:

  • Seats closest to the exits, and over the wing
  • Free same-day ticket changes
  • Priority boarding
  • 20 kg. checked bag allowance
  • Expedited airport security at selected airports

Fares start at 59.99 euros.

As business-class products go, Ryanair’s is almost comically bare-boned. To be sure, a similar model has worked out well for Southwest, which also operates without benefit of premium cabins, airport lounges, meals, and other amenities. But Southwest enjoys considerable goodwill among the traveling public. That’s notably lacking in the case of Ryanair, which has sometimes seemed intent on insulting and mistreating its customers. It’s difficult to imagine that business flyers will be as forgiving of Ryanair’s limitations as they have been of Southwest’s.

To some at least, Ryanair’s new business class is likely to be dismissed as just the airline’s latest cynical attempt to extort more fees from its customers.

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Is this your idea of business class?

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