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Warnings and Dangers in Tampa: Rough Neighborhoods

Rough Neighborhoods in Tampa and Other Warnings and Dangers


Warnings and Dangers in Tampa: Rough Neighborhoods

Tampa is known as a business center along the coast of Florida, boasting more than 350,000 full-time residents. While most tourists in Tampa want to experience entertainment and the nightlife, keeping rough neighborhoods in mind can drastically reduce the chances of becoming a victim of local crime.

Criminal Behavior in Tampa

While auto theft, muggings, and murder in certain areas of Tampa are on the rise, there are also less notorious crimes that occur throughout the city. For tourists who are unfamiliar with Tampa, remain vigilant when visiting local bars, as bartenders have been known to increase tabs for those who are not familiar with local and regular pricing as the night continues on. There are also known reports of landlords and apartment managers increasing charges and fees for those who are newcomers to the city or tourists looking to rent a space short- or long-term. Always remain aware of local pricing and potential fees to keep from falling for one of these scams. Any time you park a vehicle in Tampa, be sure to do so in an area with security guards, camcorders, and lighting available 24/7.

Neighborhoods to Visit With Caution

East Central Tampa is a location not far from the city’s center, though it offers little to no incentive to visit as a tourist and has a growing crime rate. Even if you plan a visit to University Mall, be sure to avoid venturing out at night or leaving your car parked in an area that is unlit, as this location is known for crime spikes, especially after dark. Nebraska Avenue is not only known for its nightlife, but also prostitution, which is likely to be unappealing to tourists seeking family-friendly entertainment and less crime altogether.

Neighborhoods to Avoid as a Tourist

Ybor is one neighborhood in Tampa that is dangerous in terms of theft and potentially dangerous crime. Avoiding Ybor is highly recommended, not only from tourists who have visited Tampa, but also by permanent residents. Ybor is not only known for a rowdy crowd at bars during Friday or a Saturday night, but is also susceptible to auto theft and muggings. If you are visiting Ybor and driving in the area, be sure to park in a lit parking lot or a lot with 24/7 security to avoid the risk of having your vehicle broken into or stolen. When driving at night, attempt to avoid stopping at local gas stations or convenience stores, as many of these locations have been identified as crime hotspots for those looking to steal from tourists in the area.

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