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Rio de Janeiro – What to Pack – Clothing and Supplies Tips


Rio de Janeiro What to Pack

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most heavily populated cities in Brazil as well as the world. As a popular tourist destination, there are clothing tips about what to pack that all visitors should know.

Dress Code

There isn’t much of a dress code for Rio. Dress is casual throughout the city, and on the beach, most Americans would look incredibly overdressed. Brazilians of all walks of life tend to not dress up much for trips to the shoreline. Beach trips are very popular in Rio, so don’t forget to bring a bathing suit and flip flops. Flip flop sandals are in everyone’s Rio wardrobe. Dressing casual is the goal when traveling even in the city. Rio can be very hot in the summer, so it might be good to think about bringing light clothes.

Light clothes are especially important in the summer. Brazilians dress on the casual side, so go ahead and leave the tuxedo or gown at home. If you have time to shop, leave room in your luggage. There are great clothes in Rio that are sold at a very good price.


While the dress code is light in Rio, you should also bring a very light jacket just in case it rains. If going anytime between August and September, remember that it gets very rainy. While it’s unlikely to rain the whole time you’re there, when it does rain, it will probably be a heavy downpour. So, don’t forget your umbrella, your raincoat, and waterproof shoes. You may also need a jacket if you go anywhere in the mountains, since it can be a little cold up there.

The Sun

Rio is famous for its sunset beaches, so don’t forget the sunscreen. Unless you are a regular tanner, bring at least SPS 30 for your first couple of days, though you might be able to go down to SPS 15. However much you use, it’s best to always wear at least some sunscreen and re-apply often. Be aware that the sun is very strong, and women should remember to wear a slip under their sundresses. Also, pack sunglasses or a hat. Visitors should be aware that sunscreen may be a bit too expensive in Rio, costing on average 30 Real, or 15 dollars. Often, you may even pay more. Also, bring aloe vera for those first few days when you get a sunburn. Aloe typically costs 20 Real, or 10 dollars, in Rio.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about what to pack and clothing tips for Rio de Janeiro.   

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