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Resistance to US Airways-Delta merger grows stronger


A recent Wall Street Journal (paid subscription required) report suggests that Delta’s creditors have grown skeptical of US Airways’ hostile takeover bid.

Meanwhile, Jay Boehmer over at the Business Travel News website writes that corporate travel buyers are afraid the merger would result in higher ticket prices.

They’re not alone in their dislike of the proposed deal. Delta executives hate the idea, as does its pilots union and many industry observers, myself included.

So if everyone’s against it, why is it still a possibility? US Airways has given Delta 10.1 billion reasons to say yes. That’s the price tag of its current (and, the airline says, final) offer.

US Airways has attached an early February deadline to the offer as well. Until then, we’ll all have to hold our breath and see how it turns out.

Me, I’m pulling for Delta to stay independent.

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