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Pushkar Transportation – Taxi, Train, Bus, and Airport Tips


Pushkar Transportation

Are you headed off to travel around Pushkar or the surrounding areas? Make sure you know everything about traveling the area.


There are a few busses in the area that can get you to and from different cities. The bus to and from Ajmer is pretty regular and pickup to go to Pushkar is located near the Nasiyan Temple on Prithvi Raj Road in Ajmer. It’s a very scenic trip and costs around Rs8.

If you are looking for a rural experience around Jodhpur, you can take a government bus that is in Pushkar and will take you to Jodhpur. The roads are paved relatively well but the closer you get to Jodhpur the worse off the roads get. This bus will give you a good taste of rural Rajasthan and you can see some real rural villages on the way. The trip is around 5 hours long and costs Rs100.

Renting Bikes

Pushkar is a small and easy to navigate town, so many people choose to either walk the area or rent bikes. Simply ask where the closest rental outlet is and you can easily navigate this small town by bike or motorcycle. For those who are wanting a tour outside of Pushkar, there are Jeeps you can hire to take you to the surrounding areas. However, unlike other cities, many tourists and locals say that the true way to experience Pushkar is to walk it and take in all of the beauty and information that it has to offer.

Editor’s Note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about Transportation in Pushkar.

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