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Product Review: VaultPro Convertible Backpack


What Is It: The VaultPro Convertible Backpack, an anti-theft bag that converts from backpack to a shoulder purse or hand bag.

Price and Where to Buy: $78 from Magellan’s.

Pros: We loved being able to switch from using this bag as a backpack during the day to a shoulder bag at night when traveling. Just pull a zipper and the bag converts—you don’t even have to take anything out of it! The inside pocket expands to hold a ton of stuff—we fit a sweatshirt, souvenirs, and much more in there comfortably. The bag also has anti-theft features, like a cut-proof, steel cable-reinforced shoulder strap (which is surprisingly comfortable), slash-proof fabric, and a locking zipper. Plus, the many different compartments are great for organizing.

Cons: Only the main pocket has a locking zipper—the side and front pockets could easily be pick-pocketed in a crowd, so we didn’t put any valuables in those pockets. (But they were handy for storing non-valuables, like sunscreen and ChapStick), that we needed easy access to.

How it Rates:

  • Usefulness: 10/10. It’s the perfect bag for city travel!  
  • Portability: 10/10. It’s small and lightweight enough that you can fold it down and pack in a carry-on, but it expands to hold a lot.
  • Value: 7/10. The price tag is high at $78—even if you think of it as two bags for the price of one, $78 is pretty expensive.
  • Durability: 10/10. Hey, it withstood Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras in New Orleans!
  • Cool Factor: 6/10. Mini-backpacks remind me of something Cher would use in Clueless—very ’90s. I wouldn’t use it as a backpack in every day life, but I would use it as a shoulder bag. Also, the convertible factor is very cool!

Final Verdict: If you need a shoulder bag AND a backpack, this product is perfect. We recommend it if you travel in cities a lot and need a lot of space to store your stuff safely from pickpockets.

Editor’s Note: Reviews are based on usefulness, portability, durability, value, and “cool factor.” Some review products are sent to us free of charge and with no incentive to offer a favorable review. We offer our unbiased opinions, positive and negative, and will never accept compensation to review a product. If you have any questions or comments concerning our reviews, or would like to suggest a product for review, please email us at

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