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Product Review: Panasonic Portable Toothbrush


What Is it: The Panasonic Portable Toothbrush, a travel sized electric toothbrush.

Price and Where to Buy: Currently on sale for $23.99 on Amazon.


  • Vibrating brush head helps clean teeth better than a standard toothbrush.
  • Small and lightweight—six inches long and weighs less than two ounces.
  • Sleek design.
  • Removable cap keeps the toothbrush clean and also covers the on/off button, so you don’t have to worry about it turning on in your bag.
  • Long-lasting battery power (needs an AAA battery, which will last for 180 minutes of usage.)
  • Waterproof body can be washed if needed.
  • Relatively quiet when in use.


  • Unlike many electric toothbrushes, the head on this one does not spin or move—it just vibrates.
  • Small toothbrush head.
  • Battery not included.

How it Rates:

  • Usefulness: 8/10. The Panasonic is definitely better than taking a drugstore travel toothbrush on the road.
  • Portability: 10/10. It’s small and light, and the cap protects the on/off button, so you don’t need to worry about taking the battery out to prevent it turning on in your suitcase.
  • Value: 7/10. The sale price of $23.99 is a great deal for an electric toothbrush—the regular price of $39.99 is not. Replacement heads are available on Amazon for $14.99 for a pack of two.
  • Durability: 7/10. Durable and easy to clean, plus the battery should last for 90 days of typical use.
  • Cool Factor: 6/10. The sleek black brush and case look nice, but how cool are buzzing toothbrushes?

Final Verdict: If you already have an electric toothbrush, you may be disappointed by the Panasonic’s lack of a rotating head. If you are looking to upgrade from a regular toothbrush, this is a great, reusable alternative.

Editor’s Note: Reviews are based on usefulness, portability, durability, value, and “cool factor.” Some review products are sent to us free of charge and with no incentive to offer a favorable review. We offer our unbiased opinions, positive and negative, and will never accept compensation to review a product. If you have any questions or comments concerning our reviews, or would like to suggest a product for review, please email us at

(Photo: Panasonic)


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