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Product Review: Linge Ballet Shoes


What Is it: Linge Ballet Shoes

Price and Where to Buy: $49, available at  

When I first got these shoes, they threw me for a loop. I was expecting ballet-shoe-style flats, but these are actually ballet shoes meant to be worn as street shoes. But I gamely put them on and ventured out into the world, and found that even those of us not blessed with the grace and flexibility of a ballerina have a place in our wardrobes for ballet shoes. 

Pros: Small and able to be packed nearly flat, these ballet flats are particularly handy for travelers. They fit easily in a day bag and are an elegant and whimsical back-up pair of shoes that can be dressed up or down when you need a break from heels. They’re also a perfect substitute for slippers in hotel rooms and give you just enough coverage to get from your room to the pool or spa.

Cons: They have a suede sole, so they’re not good for wet surfaces or particularly sharp or uneven pavement. And they’re not comfortable enough to double as walking shoes. These truly are a pair of back-up shoes, rather than primary shoes.

How it Rates:

  • Usefulness: 7/10 They’re not good for general use, but they fill a number of vacation niches effectively, and are light and packable.
  • Value: 6.5/10. Falling somewhere between rollable flat and slipper on the spectrum, these shoes are slightly more expensive than you might expect.   
  • Durability: 7/10. These aren’t walking shoes, but use them as back-up shoes and slipper substitutes and they seem likely to last for a while.
  • Cool Factor: 9/10. Immensely adaptable and adding a touch of whimsy to any outfit, these shoes won me over even though they aren’t great for general use.

Linge Ballet Shoes come in a variety of colors, including black, white, red, pink, and turquoise.

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