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Priceline offers Zagat reviews for free


Priceline has launched what I think is an unbeatable perk, and that’s free access to Zagat restaurant and attraction reviews.

On the Zagat website, full access to reviews (restaurants, hotels, attractions, and nightlife) costs $25 per year, so being able to browse reviews online for free is a big deal. Zagat’s hotel reviews don’t seem to be part of the package here, but with so many other sites online offering up user reviews (albeit in a less compact and edited format), this doesn’t leave much of an information gap.

I’ve never wanted to pay the Zagat subscription fee online (though compared to the price of individual books, it’s a pretty good deal for information about multiple cities), but I have wished for access on many occasions, so you can bet this is something that will motivate me to visit the Priceline site more often.

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