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Plane Panic: Drunk Flyer on 50-Day Bender Tries to Open Emergency Exit


There’s a fine line between having an in-flight cocktail to relax you, and having a few too many, and one passenger on a flight from Boston to Utah blazed right through that line. The Boston Herald reports that Anatoliy N. Baranovich allegedly opened the emergency exit on his Delta flight.

Baranovich claims that he had had a few drinks during the flight, and then gone to sleep. As the plane was landing, Baranovich said he woke up believing that the wing of the plane was on fire, and he freaked out and opened the rear exit to the plane, causing “extensive damage”. Passengers tackled Baranovich to the ground and kept him restrained until he was arrested.

Baranovich’s explanation? He says that he’d been drunk for the past 50-days, stating, “I never sobered up”. Unfortunately, we imagine that there’s no cocktail hour in prison, and so his never sober streak will be coming to an end right about now.

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