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Pickpockets in Paris and Other Warnings and Dangers


Warnings and Dangers in Paris: Avoiding Pickpockets

Known world-wide as a popular tourist destination, Paris is on the list of must visit places in the world for people all around the globe. Unfortunately, Paris’ popularity has also led to it becoming a popular place for pickpockets, which means that travelers must be prepared for situations in which they may encounter pickpockets.

Fit in with the Locals as much as Possible

As is the same with many other tourist destinations, local thieves tend to target visitors of these places more often than local citizens. Paris is no exception. Spending a short amount of time preparing for an excursion can pay off in the end. Pickpockets often use tourists’ lack of knowledge to their advantage. Be weary of strangers offering help without being asked to offer it first. Have a specific plan of where you’re going to avoid asking for help as much as possible.

Keep Belongings Close at Hand

When carrying items in the city, try to compile all of your most important belongings in one container, which will be firmly in your grasp at all times. Many pickpockets work in pairs or teams where one person distracts an unsuspecting vicitim, while another takes advantage of the distraction grabbing an item that is momentarily out of sight. This tip is especially important for women with purses that contain outside pockets. If possible, keep ALL items inside the zippable portion of the purse.

Be Alert at all Times

Simply being aware and in tune with what’s going on is often enough of a deterrent for pickpockets. Knowing what tactics pickpockets are using gives you the know how to understand when a crime can occur. While the goal of travel is to have fun and enjoy the various sights, caution must be used at all times. If a situation doesn’t seem right, be alert and remove yourself quickly. Speak aggressively and move quickly if you feel that you may be in a pickpocketing situation.

Editor’s Note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about Pick Pockets and other Dangers and Warnings in Paris.

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