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Pickpockets in Amsterdam and Other Warnings and Dangers


Warnings and Dangers in Amsterdam: Pickpockets

Home to the Van Gogh Museum, bicycle paths, an intricate canal system and slim houses featuring gables overlooking the streets, Amsterdam is an exciting place to visit. However, you need to watch out for numerous pickpockets prevalent in this historic city.

The Helpful Stranger Standing Next to You May Want to Pick your Pockets

A person may accidentally spill something on your coat or jacket. The supposedly helpful individual then offers to take your coat and clean the stain. Within a few brief moments, you will realize that you no longer have your wallet.

Avoid walking in the Red Light District

This area is known for prostitutes and beggars. These beggars do not want to accept a negative answer as to whether you can give them money. They may start to follow you. Walk away from them. Never walk with anyone in an isolated area or alley.

Pickpockets can Even Steal your Wallet While your Feet are in Motion

In Amsterdam, pickpockets seem to have elevated the skill into an art form. You can even have your pocket picked while walking on a crowded shopping street. You do not even need to pause for a rest. Note that you are never immune to a pickpocket during your stay in Amsterdam. Pickpockets do not care whether you are indoors or outside. They will try to pick your pockets in the hotel lobby, a restaurant or inside a shop. Do not hang your coat on the back of your chair when eating in a hamburger restaurant. The person behind you may just feel the urge to pick your pocket.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about warnings and dangers in Amsterdam.

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