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People to Avoid in Tokyo and Others Warnings and Dangers


People to Avoid in Tokyo

Most of the people you meet in Tokyo will be polite and courteous, but there are always a few bad seeds in the crowd. Watch out for the following types of people.

Drunk Men

Late night drinking is a big part of the Japanese culture. On your way home at night, the trains will be crowded with drunk men. With the anonymity so often found in a tightly packed train car, some of these men will try to grope the women around them. They are betting that you will feel too ashamed to say anything. When possible, look for women-only cars to avoid these men. If someone does touch you inappropriately, loudly call attention to him. This will make him stop.

Massage Parlor Employees

Around the Roppongi area, you might encounter women offering massages. While you go in for your massage, a confidant may try to steal money from your wallet. Avoid massage parlors in general here.

Street Sellers

Street sellers aren’t as common in Tokyo as they are in other countries. When you do see them, though, the product they’re selling is likely to be a rip-off. In one such scam, a man appears to be using magic to control a paper doll. He then sells similar dolls to unsuspecting tourists. In reality, he has a friend nearby controlling the doll with a remote control.

Editor’s Note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about people to avoid in Tokyo.

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