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People to Avoid in Barcelona and Other Warnings and Dangers


Warnings and Dangers in Barcelona: People to Avoid

With world-famous museums, beaches, and nightclubs, Barcelona is a traveler’s paradise.  Millions of tourists travel to this sunny corner of Spain, but with a large number of visitors come a large number of criminals and con artists looking for easy prey.

Street Performers

While “look but don’t touch” is an excellent maxim for almost every visitor in almost every city, travelers headed to Barcelona have to be careful about where they look as well.  That’s because some street performers try to attract your attention while pickpockets take advantage of the distraction.  These con men may seem harmless, simply playing an instrument or putting on a show, but joining a small crowd makes it easy for light-fingered pickpockets to take your wallet or passport.  The famous La Rambla street is notorious for pickpockets; if you plan to stroll up and down this arcade, don’t bring cash or personal goods.

Sex Shops

For some tourists who have never seen sex so brazenly on display, sex shops and brothels draw in lots of visitors to gawk and catch an eyeful.  Going into one of these establishments can leave you vulnerable to strong-arm tactics: beautiful women might demand cash for something as simple as a photograph, and the bouncers may not let you leave without a bribe.

Con Artists

Beware talking with any strangers in Barcelona, but especially those who come up to you with a story and a plea. It’s typical for con artists to come up with a story, like needing a train ticket, as they either size you up for a robbery or try to get close enough to snatch a purse.

Editor’s Note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about people to avoid in Barcelona.

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