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What to Pack For Sweden – Packing List


Sweden What to Pack

Sweden is land of gorgeous, snow-covered hills and ancient cities. Pack well and you will enjoy it even more and pay close attention to the weather and any medications you need.

It’s Cold

With part of the country in the boundaries of the Arctic Circle, this is country of cold temperatures. Heavy snow in the winter are followed by cool springs and summers where the high barely touches sixty. You want to bring lots of clothing including a hat and thick gloves so you don’t freeze. Bring sweaters, a jacket with a hood and the warmest boots you can find along with a waterproof coat and thermal underwear. Keep in mind the weather can change rapidly, especially in the north. Bring extra clothing when outside in case of sudden cold.

Electrical Outlets

The electrical outlets are slightly different in Sweden. Bring a universal adapter so you can recharge your phone and other electronics.

Over the Counter Medications

Many common American medications are not available over the counter. This includes many kinds of cold medications and even aspirin. Stock up before you go. If you have a specific medical problem, make sure that you have enough medications on hand in advance and a prescription for more in case you need them. Keep in mind medications can be more expensive here like many other items. Ask your doctor if you can have an additional supply so you don’t run short.

Swedish Coins

Coins can be surprisingly handy. Many public bathrooms will not take bills or credit cards. Keep a few of several denominations even at airports because the toilets here require a fee to enter.

Editor’s note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about packing lists for Sweden.

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